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Pamir Adventures. Trekking.
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Two Summits: Marble Wall and Khan Tengri North climbing. Central Tien Shan.  
Lenin peak climbing. Pamir.  
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Two great summits: Communism and Korjenevskoy Peaks climbing. Pamir.  
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Lenin and Muztag Ata Peaks climbing. Pamir.  
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Pamir Adventures. Trekking. 14 days.

Region: Pamir Alai, Turkestan Range; Pamir, Zaalaisky Range, Kyrgyzstan
Activity: trekking, 5 nights at hotels, 8 nights in tents.
Trip Category: regular
Difficulty: medium, no need of special skill and gear. Kids over 16 years are allowed.
Dates: June - October. Fixed dates tour to join: July, 16 - 29

     The part of Turkestan Range (Pamir Alai mountain system) on the very western corner of Kyrgyzstan, which reminds South-American Patagonia, is most suitable place in former USSR for trekking, rock and Big Wall climbing. Mild climate, stable sunny weather, clearest rivers, alpine meadows, glaciers surrounded by over 5000-meters summits, whose vertical, kilometer-long walls throne over green valleys, make this area real Mekka not only for for climbers, but trekkers as well.
     The path takes us through picturesque valleys, a simple pass, amazing canyons, fresh alpine meadows and foamy currents. The trek also gives interesting cultural experience by our meeting with always hospitable Kyrghyz shepherds. Drinking tea in their yurts, we get to know their original culture that has changed little for centuries of nomadic life. This trek is designed for those travelers who like active rest in trekking with diverse landscapes, enjoy sitting beside a night camping fire under the sky full of stars and are keen to know the peculiar culture of the land, that only few tourists visit. The best time for trekking is from July to September.

     The second part of the trekking program goes to one of the Pamir Mountain Land's highest summits, Lenin Peak. Situated in the Pamir on the Kyrgyz-Tadjik border, close to China and Afghanistan, Lenin Peak is one of only five 7000+ peaks in the former USSR. It belongs to Zaalaiskiy Range, which amazing snow-covered wall views attracted the Central Asia discoveres in XIX centure as well as us present time when we reach Taldyk Pass. At 7134 meters it is the third highest, the others are Communism Peak (7495 m) and Korzhenevsky (7105 m), both in the Pamirs, and Pobeda Peak (7,439 m) plus Khan Tengri (7010 m) in the Tien Shan. To climb all five admits you to the elite group of Russian climbers known as Snow Leopards. Lenin Peak is considered as the most accessible 7000-meter mountain. There is a high way going almost to the foot of the peak. Also Lenin Peak by the normal Razdelny route has practically no technical climbing involved (1-2 ropes in total). 


Day 1 Arrival to Bishkek, transfer to the hotel. Rest. Afternoon cititour. The capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek is a city of wide avenues, handsome buildings and Soviet heritage. It is the permanently snow capped Kyrgyz Alatau mountain range which towers over Bishkek providing a quite stunning backdrop. Visit Manas Monument, erected to a hero of the medieval "Manas" national Kyrgyz epos. Then excursion to the State History Museum and walking tour around main Ala Too Square to watch ceremony of the Guard of Honor changing, Independence Monument, and finish at the Old Square with Government House. Transfer to the Victory Square to finish the city tour by short excursion there. After excursion tourists may go shopping in the largest department store in the city – TZUM and a colorful oriental bazaar. Dinner and overnight at hotel (950 m. a.s.l.).
Day 2

Flight Bishkek - Osh, drive to Uzgarysh

After breakfast in the early morning transfer to the airport and take local flight (at 7:35 am) to Osh then get the transfer to a small village of Uzgarish via Batken town (340 km, 8-9 hrs, +500 m). Guest house accommodation. Trekking preparations. 1450 m ASL.

Uzgarysh is a typical Kyrgyz mountain village with established centuries-old lifestyle. The country folk are amicable and hospitable. The majority of the local villagers are engaged in animal husbandry, tobacco cultivation and flour milling at small watermills. Gardening, too, is a great help for the locals. Apricot is the most common fruit-tree. The fruit is extremely sweet but not big enough to satisfy you appetite after first bite. It’s amazing, but due to unique climatic conditions, you can taste the ripe apricot right from the fruit-tree even in mid-August. In addition to being eaten fresh it is often dried up for wintertime. Dried apricot, called kuraga, is really finger-licking good.

Day 3 Hiking to Aktash tent camp (15 km; 7-8 hrs; + 1400 m.) The first trekking day starts from the views of wild pistachio trees and walnut orchards. Wild trail stretches along Buldzhuma river and goes up to the pass with the same name – Buldzhuma (2894 m). From the pass you can enjoy the wonderful view of the nearest gorges and the Western face of Uponym pass. After we enjoyed the views, we start descending to the valley of Ak-Tash river to the tent camp hidden among the bushes on a green meadow.  Overnight in tents in Ak-Tash Camp (2800 m).
Day 4 Hike Ak-Tash tent Camp – Dzhalgychy tent Camp hike (11 km; 4-6 hrs; +970 m - 670 m). We traverse along Ak-Tash river on scree up to Dzhalgychy pass (3774 m). From the the pass saddle we enjoy the panoramic view of Turkestan Range, western face of Piramidalnyi Peak (5509 m) and Turo pass (4525 m). Descend along a trail down to Dzhalgychy gorge to confluence with  nameless  gorge (next from the South-West). Overnight in tents in Dzhalgychy Camp (3100 m).
Day 5 Dzhalgychy tent Camp - Orto Chashma tent Camp hike (7 km; 3-4 hrs; +500 m -700 m).
Today we begin trekking up along grass slope of the ridge between Dzhalgychy and Kashka-Suu gorges. From upset point we enjoy the panoramic view of Orto Chashma gorge, Turo pass (4525 m) and the Western face of the Piramidalnyi Peak. Descent to Kashka-Suu gorge and then trekking along the river till confluence with Orto Chashma gorge. Overnight in tents in Orto Chashma Tent Camp (2800 m).
Day 6 Orto Chashma tent camp  - Ak-Tubek tent camp hike (7 km; 3 - 4 hrs; +590 m.). Moderate ascent along Orto Chashma river till confluence with Ak-Tubek gorge. Then we cross by bridges two rivers and continue trekking along Ak-Tubek river, traverse up to foot of Ak Tubek pass. Camping near white rock.  Overnight in Ak- Tubek tent Camp (3390 m.).
Day 7 Ak-Tubek tent camp  - Ak-Suu tent camp hike. Pamir Alai Big Walls. (11 km; 5-6 hrs; +1000 m -1400 m). The steep ascent to Ak Tubek pass (4390 m) is rewarded by a majestic panoramic view over Iskander peak region and Orto Chashma river valley. Our camp is situated in the beginning of green zone at Ak-Suu river. On the way you can see Big Walls of Iskander (5120 m), Petrogradez (5165 m), Admiralteez (5090 m), Aksu (5355 m), A. Block (5229 m), Aktubek (5125 m) peaks, which are dream goals for many Big Wall climbers from all over the world. Overnight in Ak-Suu tent camp (2800 m).
Day 8 Ak-Suu tent Camp – Uzgarish village hike (16 km; 5-6 hrs; -1350 m).
Descent through juniper forest along Ak-Mechet river. We can observe the Iskander Peak on the way. Then we trek along a picturesque green gorge till Uzgurush village. Overnight in a Kyrgyz family in Uzgarish village (1450 m).
Day 9 Uzgarish village – Batken town – Osh drive (360 km; 7-8 hrs; -400 m). Morning drive to Batken. A walk in Batken town center, visiting “Manas Ordo” complex. Afternoon transfer to Osh. Dinner and accommodation in a hotel in Osh.
Day 10 After breakfast we take Osh cititour: Suleiman Mount, one of the main shrines of the Islamic world in Central Asia. On the mount first you visit historical museum, located right in the natural cave. After e museum you follow the way of all pilgrims up to the top of the hill where you see a little Mosque of Babur, The Great Mogols dynasty founder, and take a bird eye’s view of the city.After lunch we go to Pamir Mountain land: transfer to the “Achik Tash” Base Camp, situated at the foot of Lenin Peak - the highest summit of Zaalaiskyiy Range (7134 m). Breathtaking views across Alay Valley to the grandeur snow-covered wall of Zaalaiskiy Range from Taldyk Pass. The “Achik-Tash” BC is placed at 3600 m at a picturesque alpine glade with numerous streams and small moraine lakes. From there you can get excellent views of the Lenin Peak massif Northern slopes. Tent accommodation.
Day 11 “Achik Tash” BC – Advanced Base Camp (ABC) hike (12 km; 5-6 hrs; +800 m).  From BC we climb Puteshestvinnikov Pass (4200 m). The ascent usually takes 1-1.5 hours by a good gently path. From the pass you’ll see excellent views of Lenin peak and Lenin glacier. Sometimes the pass is snow covered. Then we descend to the left moraine of the Lenin glacier. Further we should cross the small but fast stream carefully. The best time for crossing is early morning, as the river rises rapidly throughout at this time. Then we climb across the left moraine to the Lenin glacier and hike to “Camp 1”.  Accommodation in ABC tents (4400 m).
Day 12 ABC – BC hike (12 km; 3-4 hrs; - 800 m).  Descend to the Base Camp. Today you’ll repeat way of day before in reverse direction.   Accommodation in BC tents (3600 m).  
Day 13 Lenin Peak Base Camp – Osh city drive - flight to Bishkek. (300 km; 5-6 hrs; - 2600 m). Transfer to Osh city over Taldyk pass. En Route we may stop in Sary Mogol village, visit Pamir-Alai families who demonstrate us their traditions and rituals (extra cost). On arrival to Osh farewell dinner in restaurant. After dinner transfer to “Osh“ airport, fly at 20:50 (by Pegasus airline – ZM 196) to “Manas” airport, meet and transfer to Bishkek. Accommodation in a hotel (950 m. a.s.l.).
Day 14 Transfer to airport (35 km; 40 min). Departure.


Note. The itinerary of above is draft and can be changed to meet weather, your special wishes, etc.

Cost: please for an offer!
Included: meeting and seeing off in airpor; hotel accommodation 3* in Osh for 3 nights; Kyrgyz family GH accommodation in Uzgarish village for 2 night; permanent tent camps accommodation with full board (3 meals a day – hot breakfast and dinner, snack boxes for   lunch), starting from “Ak-Tash” tent camp and to tent camp “Ak-Suu” – 9 nights (Note: you do not need to set any tent yourself. There are tents ready and upon arrival you can rest immediately. You are welcomed by hot meals); full board during the whole tour; escorting guide during the whole tour; service of pack animals and a horseman/donkeyman for transporting your luggage (15 kg included, $10 per kilo extra for the entire program); all transfers as per the program; ecological and entrance fees into the museums as per program.

Not included:
international flights, visa fees if applicable (note: most Western nationals are visa-free for 60 days!), personal gear, insurance, tips.
Options. extra nights in Osh, SGL accommodation (+$50 at the hotel; +$110 in tents), flight to/from Bishkek; Bishkek accommodation and excursions; gear rental, extra excursions.

Suleiman Hill Cave
Osh. Suleiman Mount cave museum.
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai.
Camping in Ak-Tubek gorge.
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Aksu peak.
With the Aksu peak (5355 m) on the background...
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Aksu peak.
Aksu peak (5355 m)
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Asan-Usen and 1000 ann of Russia Christening peaks.
Asan-Usen and 1000's Anniversary of Russia's Christening peaks.
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Birksu river.
Camping in Birksu river gorge.
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Hiking in Birksu valley.
Birksu valley.
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. A. Block peak.
Alexander Block peak
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Karasu valley.
Hike in Karasu valley.
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Kosh-Maynok pass approach.
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Kosh-Maynok pass approach,
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Kosh-Maynok pass approach.
Approaches to Kosh Maynok pass.
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Kosh-Maynok pass.
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Kosh-Maynok pass.
Kosh-Maynok pass (3260 m).
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Ptitza (Bird) peak.
Ptitza ("The Bird") peak.
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Piramidalniy peak.
Peak Piramidalniy ("Pyramid Peak").
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Peak 4810.
Karavshin gorge. Peak 4810 m.
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Peak 4810 N-W wall.
Karavshin gorge. Peak 4810 m. N-W wall.
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Karavshin gorge.
Karavshin gorge.
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Peak Slesova.
Karavshin gorge. Peak Slesova (4240 m).
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Block Peak.
Lailak gorge. A. Block Peak (5239 m).
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai.  A. Block peak North Wall.
North Wall of A. Block Peak.
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Admiralteetz peak.
Lailak gorge. Admiralteetz Peak (5090 m).
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Maliy Iskander peak.
Laylak gorge. Maliy (Small) Iskander Peak.
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Shepherders. Jailoo.
Meeting with local herders on jailoo (summer pastures) gives interesting social experience...
Kyrgyzstan trekking. Pamir Alai. Sheepherders kids.
Sheepherders kids.
Pamir Alai. Ak Suu trekking. Dining tent.
Dining tent.
Pamir Alai. Ak Suu trekking. Tea drinking.
Traditional nomadic tea drinking.
Lenin peak climbing. Base camp.
Pamir. Lenin peak expedition. Base camp.
Lenin peak BC.
Lenin peak climbing. Base camp.
Lenin peak BC. Sunset.
Lenin peak ABC. Yaks.
Yaks in Lenin peak ABC.
Pamir. Lenin peak expedition. Picking a yurt in ABC.
Picking a yurt in ABC.
Pamir. Lenin peak climbing. ABC.
Pamir. Lenin peak expedition.
Tents in ABC. Lenin peak at the background.
Pamir. Lenin peak expedition. ABC.
Lenin peak ABC panoramic view.
Lenin peak wall. Panoramic view.
Pamir. Lenin peak panoramic view.
Panoramic view on Lenin Peak massif.
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