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Pamir Resort: Visit to Lenin Peak BC. Family Vacations with adventure activities.
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Pamir Resort: Visit to Lenin peak BC. Family Vacation with adventure activities, 8 days.

Region: Kyrghyzstan, Pamir, Zaalaisky range
Activity: sightseeing, hiking
Trip Category: regular
Difficulty: easy, no special skill or gear needed (except common trekking stuff), kids from 8 y.o. are allowed
Season: July-August. Tours to join: July, 04-11; July, 11-18; July, 18- 25; July, 25 - August, 01; August, 01-08; August, 08-15; August, 15-22; August, 15-22 Osh-Osh

Pamir - one of the interpretation of the origin of the word is "The Roof of The World" is one of the world's biggest and highest (up to 7,495 m - Communism peak) mountain land on the south of Central Asia where virtually all kinds of mountain outdoors are possible - from family vacation to extremely difficult mountaineering. The entire area keeps ecological purity and untouched wild nature so far because of practically absent of industrial development and very rare population.

The ice wall of Lenin Peak (7,134 m high, other name is Kuh-i-Garmo) is unforgettable scenery seen after you reach the Alaisky valley with very rare summer settlements of local herders ("jailau"). Visiting these settlements makes interesting social experience. On the hiking from comfortable Lenin Peak BC (where we mostly stay overnight on this tour) to ABC you can observe the mountaineering activity on Lenin Peak. Moreover, you can climb 4,750 m summit, take mastercalss of famous plov (pilav) cooking and many more!

Day 1 Arrival to Osh. Meeting at the airport, trahsfer Osh-Achik-Tash (the base camp on 3600 m aka "Edelweiss Glade"), about 5 hrs* drive on Pamirsky Trakt (Pamir Highway), high pass - 3615 m - en route. Lunch stop in a cafe. Tent accommodation (2 persons tents) at BC. Optional hike to Lukovaya (Onion) Glade at 3,800 m.
Day 2  Excursion to the numerius small lakes across Achik Tash River Valley. A walking trip to the yurts (local nomads dwelling) of the local people, acquaintance with the life and traditions of Kyrgyz nomads, you can try koumiss (fermentated mare milk). BC accommodation.
Day 3 Hike up Petrovskiy Peak ridge. Master class on plov (pilav) cooking. BC accommodation.
Day 4 Hike to the Camp-1 (ABC, 4400 m) through Travellers' Pass (4150 m), about 5 hrs. Tent accommodation (2-persons tent) in ABC (4400 m).
Day 5 For those who feel themselves ready to go further up: ascending a 4,750 m peak. For the rest of the group: free time, walking around ABC (4,400 m). ABC accommodation.
Day 6 Descent to the base camp (BC, 3600 m). Tent accommodation in BC. Hike to Achik Tash canyon. BC accommodation
Day 7 Transfer to Osh (lunch stop at the cafe en route on Pamir highway). Hotel accommodation *** BB. Optional excursion to holy Sulaimon Hill and cave museum.
Day 8 Transfer hotel-airport. Departure from Osh.

Note: the itinerary of above is draft one and should be subject to adjust to meet weather conditions, participants' wishes, etc.
* - due to the road renovation, from the season-2012 it is possible to get to BC in 5 hrs only instead of 10 in previous seasons!

Cost: $695/$895 (tent/yurt accommodation)
Included: meeting/seeing off at the airports; all transfers according to the program (comfortable cars); hotels accommodation BB *** in Osh 1 night; lunch boxes on Osh-BC-Osh transportation; all paperwork (OVIR registration, border zone permit); essential personal gear rental: sleeping bag (for visiting Camp 1/ABC); telescopic ski poles for walking; rainwear; headlight; sleeping pad; metallic vacuum flask 0,5 - 1,0 litres; high gaiters to protect your feet from snow; group first-aid kit; services in BC (3600 m) and ABC (C1, 4400 m):
     DBL tent accommodation (two beds tents) in BC (tents are equipped with electric light, wooden pad, mattresses, covers, pillows and furnishing: blanket cover, pillowcases and bed sheet); DBL tent accommodation in ABC (tents are equipped with wooden pad and kurpacha - national mattresses); 3 times a day of hot meals made by professional cooks, including vegetarian meals and meals by an order; yurt (national nomadic dwelling) mess room (decorated in national style) with heat in BC and ABC for the rest, meals and entertainments (music, photo viewing, guitar, etc.); personal gear transportation service service BC - ABC - BC (up to 15 kg of loads per 1 person); washstand and toilet at BC and ABC; cloakroom (yurt) at BC and ABC; sauna in BC and ABC; medical service (professional doctor-intensivist in BC and ABC); electricity 220 VAC 50 Hz; rescue team registration.

Not included
: Travel to Osh, visa fees, alcoholic beverages and other luxuries, personal items, insurance.

Options: Start/finish point might be changed to Bishkek, visa support, SGL accommodation ($95/$165 tent/yurt).

Osh. Sulaimon hill. Cave museum.
Osh. Holy Sulaimon Hill and cave museum- worth to visit!
Pamir highway. Intermediate base.
Intermediate base on Pamir Highway.
Pamir highway. Lunch in yurt at intermediate base.
Lunch in yurt at intermediate base.
Lenin peak climbing. Base camp.
Pamir. Lenin peak expedition. Base camp.
Lenin peak BC.
Lenin peak climbing. Base camp.
Lenin peak BC. Sunset.
Lenin peak ABC. Yaks.
Yaks in Lenin peak ABC.
Pamir. Lenin peak expedition. Picking a yurt in ABC.
Picking a yurt in ABC.
Pamir. Lenin peak climbing. ABC.
Pamir. Lenin peak expedition.
Tents in ABC. Lenin peak at the background.
Pamir. Lenin peak expedition. ABC.
Lenin peak ABC panoramic view.
Pamir. Lenin peac expedition. Preparations for climbing.
Preparations for climbing.
Lenin peak wall. Panoramic view.
Pamir. Lenin peak panoramic view.
Panoramic view on Lenin Peak massif.
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