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Rafting in Altai. 5 or 6 days.

Region: Russia, Southern Siberia, Altai (Altay)
Activity: rafting, etnographic tour, sightseeing, optional horse riding.
Trip Category: regular
Difficulty: easy, no need of special skills or gear (kids from 14 years old are allowed).
Dates: July - August. Fixed dates (5 days):


Altai (Altay) - "The Golden Mountains" is the mountain land on the south of Siberia which keeps ecological purity and untouched wild nature so far. The communication with local people, many of whom are followers of exotic doctrines- pagans (Shamanists), followers of Roerikh and Old Believers ("starovery")- gives an unique social experience. A number of archeological artefacts (from 1,500,000 BC!), including rock arts (petroglyphs) and Paleolithical sits are en our route, it makes visit to Altai not only outdoor adventure but captivating trip as well!

In 1998 The Golden Mountains of Altai were included to UNESCO World Heritage list.

Rafting on the upper stream of Katun river - one of the sources of the great Siberian river Ob - and it's left tributary Koksa allows to see all the beauty of Altai mountains along with safe but adrenaline-taking adventure. This rafting take place in the area which was visited by Nicholas Roerikh expedition in 20s of XX century in a seeking of misterious Shambala Land. This area is populated partially of Starovery - "Old Believers" - the Christian sect who didn't accept the Patriarkh (Supreme Prist of Russian Ortodox Chirch) Nikon reformation in 17 century and therefore were managed to escape to the rare populated areas as was Altai that times to avoid hassle from the official chirch. Our trip includes the excursion to Verkhniy (Upper) Uimon village populated by Old Believers so far where we visit Nicholas Roerikh museum and Old Believers museum.

After rafting, you can go trekking or horseride to Mt. Baida or Mt. Belukha (the highest summit of entire Altai Mountains), make interesting excursions to natural phenomenas and archeological sites.

Day 1 Arrival to Barnaul. 12-hrs bus trip to Tungur village. Overnight in mountain base, tent camping near the bank of the Katun river. You can leave extra luggage here. There are also a cafe, sport ground, gear rental centre and Russian bania (sauna) available here.
Day 2 Transfer to the starting point of rafting part - Tyuguryuk village. Start rafting down the Koksa river (left tributary of Katun). The stream is fast and in two hours comes to the Gromotukhinsky rapid (2 grade). In 40-50 min we moor to the Ust-Koksa village. We stay on a small island at Katun. 30 km, 4-5 hrs.
Day 3  Rafting downstream Katun river. In the beginning of the Uymonskaya valley Katun forks into many branches. Camp in the surroundings of the Multa village, excursion to the Roerich Museum in the village of Verkhniy (Upper) Uimon. 30 km, 4-5 hrs.
Day 4 Rafting on Katun Multa – Tungur. The stream is very fast. There are some small rapids. Dinner in the cafe and overnight at a base. 30 km, 5-6 hrs.
Day 5  Drive to the city of Barnaul. Hotel accommodation. 12-13 hrs, 750 km.
Day 6 Transfer to airport or railway station. Departure from Barnaul.

Rafting conditions: The weather in mountains changes spontaneously. There may be precipitation. The day temperature is +10...+30, temperature at night 0 +10, sometimes -5. The route for rafting isn’t difficult, I-II grade. The guide has the right to change the program because of the weather and the other unfavorable circumstances.

Meals: We provide the participants with 3 meals a day. In the base camps meals are served in a cafe. On the trek the food is cooked on the open fire by a guide or cook. We also provide vegetarian meals upon inquire.

Equipment: We provide the group with tents, cooking and eating utensil, rafting gear (incl. life vests, helmets, waterproof bags), fire outfit, 1st aid kit. You should have the following personal gear: foam sleeping mat (available for rent), 3 seasons sleeping bag (available for rent); shorts, T-shirt for hot weather, warm clothes (in the night it gets cold); for rafting: wooly tracksuit, footwear - special, neoprene slip-peers are ideal. Usual sneakers and wooly socks will also do. One should have two complete sets of clothes, at the minimum. One - for rafting, which is prone to get wet, the other - for the camp (there can be a shirt, jeans, a sweater, etc.).

Cost: for an offer!

Included: meeting and transfers in Barnaul, 1 night hotel accomodation (DBL), transportation to the Tungur (start point) and return, all permits, tent accommodation at base camp in Tungur for Days 1 and 5; FB (except meals in Barnaul and on the way Barnaul - Tiungur - Barnaul); rafting and camping equipment listed above.

Not included: Travel to and from Barnaul, visa fees, alcoholic beverages and other luxuries, personal items.
Options. Visa support. The arrival and departure point can be changed to Novosibirsk, Omsk, Biysk or Gorno-Altaisk.
Additional excursions: Ust-Kan cave with paleolithic sit (600,000 BCE), Pazyrik burial mounds (Scythian culture, VII-II c. BCE), Kalbak Tash and Elangash Rock Arts sites (from Stone Ages to Turkish times). Helicopter flights from/to Gorno-Altaisk, Barnaul, Novosibirsk.

Any possible tailor-made trips are available! Just us of fill in the request form!

Services in Tungur base (available separately):

  • meals served in national Altai dwelling- ail. Exclusive offer - cooking of the set of Altai national meals from the ram on demand!
  • Russian bania including cedar barrel option;
  • gear rental;
  • horse riding trips;
  • stay upgrade to permanent camp, hut or hotel
Altai (Altay) trekking. Tungur. Camping.
Camping in Tungur.
Altai (Altay) trekking. Tungur. Cafe - ail.
Cafe in Tungur shaped as ail- national Altai dwelling.
Russia. Siberia. Altai. Katun rafting.
Russia. Siberia. Altay. Katun rafting.
Katun rafting.
Altai (Altay) rafting. Koksu river.
Altai (Altay) rafting. Koksu river.
Koksu river.
Altai (Altay) rafting. Katun river.
Katun river.
Altai (Altay) rafting. Katun river.
Katun near Tungur.
Altai (Altay) rafting. Roerich museum.
Russia. Siberia. Altai. Roerich museum.
Russia. Siberia. Altay. Katun rafting. Roerikh museum.
Roerikh museum in Upper Uimon.
Altai (Altay) rafting. Starovery museum.
Russia. Siberia. Altai. Old Believers museum.
Russia. Siberia. Altay. Katun rafting. Starovery museum.
Altai (Altay) rafting. Old Believers museum.
Russia. Siberia. Altai. Old Believers museum.
Russia. Siberia. Altay. Katun rafting. Starovery museum.
Russia. Siberia. Altai. Old Believers museum.
Starovery (Old Believers) museum in Upper Uimon.
Altai (Altay) trekking. Ust-Kan cave. Paleolithic site.
Ak-Tash rock with the Ust-Kan cave. Down paleolith archaeological sit (600.000 BCE)
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