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11.06.22 CAUTION! Aksu/Karavshin area (Kyrgyzstan) is closed for visitors since today. Please contact us for changing destination/ tour cancellation!

04.12.20 Since today, Kyrgyzstan opens border for foreign visitors. The rule for the visitors is: to embark on aircraft heading to Kyrgyzstan, you need PCR test valid for past 72 hrs. If under certain circumstances (flight delay, long itinerary) your test overdued 72 hrs validity then you need to get this test upon arrival. Air connection for the moment includes: Russia, Moscow - several flights scheduled daily (Aeroflort and some others), Turkish Airlines 5 times weekly and Pegasus - daily flight.

12.08.20 We start publish high definition 360° interactive panoramas of some regions. Look at the 1st one: Teletskoe Lake 360° aerial interactive panorama (Artybash, Iogach villages. Biya river, Northern part of the lake). More to come - Mountain Altai (Aktru area, Multinsky Lakes), Lake Baikal!

02.08.20 Altai area (Russia) is open for tourists up to Mongolian border ("Tashanta" checkpoint), including Ukok Plateau, Aktru area, Jazator. Russian-Mongolian border is still closed.

19.06.20 ATTENTION! IMPORTANT NEWS: it would be possible to climb Khan Tengri Peak from July, 31 to August, 23 2020 г. from Northern side (Kazakhstan). Due to coronavirus pandemic, only 2 dates for charter helicopter flights Karkara BC- Northern Inylchek BC - Karkara BC would be possible: August, 02 there and August 20-21 away. Itinerary and prices are here. Join the only for the moment real possibility to climb 7000+ peak in season-2020!

19.06.20 Altai area (Russia) is closed for carantine up to July, 02.

02.04.20 Altai area (Russia) is closed for carantine up to June, 01.

23.03.20 "SILA" aircarrier claimed, after long term ceased, re-start of domestic air connection Gorno-Altaisk (host city of Altai Respublic, Russia) - Ust Koksa (host village of an area of Mt. Belukha). Days: Tu, Thu, Sat, flight time: 1 hr, cost: 2200 RUR one way (about $32), luggage allowation 10 kilo, 50 RUR/each extra kilo.

10.04.15 Good news from Tajikistan: Anzob Tunnel which connects Dushanbe with Khujand (and, with Fanns Mountains area as well) is finished renovated. Now it is fully operating and the passage takes 8 min only!


09.04.11 CONGRATULATIONS! Crazy Dutch team of 4 climbers leaded by Bas van der Smeede made succesfull 1st ascents on 6 (!) previously unclimbed and unnamed peaks in remote Oibala Range (Pamir Alai) on Kyrgyz-Chinese border. The expedition was supported by K2 Adventures travel agency. Expedition report is here.


New Russian border zone regulations/ Altai concern

According new border zone rules (in Russian only, effected from Nov., 19 2008, rule #572) to visit border zone area one must send an request to the corresponding FSB (Federal Security Service) office in 1 month advance (was 1-3 days) for Russian nationals and 2 month advance (was 10 days) for foreign visitors. The forms are available (and must be filled in) in Russian only. According these forms, the group of visitors should be granted with the permit only if the request is sent by a Russian company in behalf on it's representative (and this representative must obtain the permit and accompany the team in person). In other words, the independed travels in border zones are unavailable.
For Altai mountains, the following popular destinations are situated within border zone:

What is possible to visit without entering the border zone (so, to prepare to the trip in a resonable advance):

06.05.09 British 21st Century Altai expedition after climbing 5 peaks total in Kurai Range, gets back to Kurai village.

06.01.09 British 21st Century Altai expedition has made 1st ascent on previously unclimbed and unnamed 3089 m summit in Kurai Range, Altai, Siberia, Russia. Congratulations!

05.30.09 British 21st Century Altai expedition has begun to explore the very rare visited alpine part of Kurai Range (Russia, Siberia, Altai Mountains, to the North from M52 road, North-West from Aktash village) on May, 25. The official website of the expedition is here, the news tape there. Local support: K2 Adventures travel agency. Pictures taken by Igor Fedyaev (expedition's Liaison Officer) and Oleg Boltokov, to enlarge image click on thumbnail:

British 21st century Altai expedition. Kurai range.
British 21st century Altai expedition. Farewell dinner in ail.
British 21st century Altai expedition. On the truck.
British 21st century Altai expedition. Horse caravan.
British 21st century Altai expedition. Start the hiking to BC.
Kurai Range and Kurai village: a day prior to departure on trip.
Farewell dinner in ail (Altai national dwelling). Vodka and scotch in charge!
All the team is onboard of the truck!
Backing the horses: fresh eggs are the most important part of the gear!
Good bye!..

Start of the expedition - video (Windows Media, 2.5 min, 4.6 Mb).

03.25.09 International (Russian-British) skiitouring team has successfully finished the new variant of "Buddha in the Valley of Hundred Springs" backcountry trip in Tunka Valley, Siberia, Sayan Mountains, March 9-24, from/to Omsk. Instead of usual Nilovka village - Shumak Pass - Valley of Hundred Springs (wild spa with Buddha shrine site) - Shumak Canyon - Arshan Pass - Arshan village, they made a loop Nilovka village - Shumak Pass - Valley of Hundred Springs - Kitoy gorge - Khubity Pass - Khubity gorge - Nilovka. The photoreport is coming soon! Some photos are already available on the tour page!

05.07.08 We're glad to inform we fixed the problem (script failure after server OS update) in our online shop .

02.08.08 Our recon team - Dmitry Savinov (leader) and Roman Podkolzin (both from Omsk, Russia, K2 Adventures) in summer 2007 found absolutely undiscovered area in Pamir Alai mountaneous system in South-West Kyrgyzstan on Chinese border, near well-known Irkeshtam pass. This is so-called "Oibala" ("Oh, boy!") range with a lot of not only unclimbed but even unnamed peaks up to 4950 m high. Some of these peaks look like to be very good goal for Big Wall climbing: 70+ (and even negative!) granite faces with more than 1000 m of relative altitude. Very few tracks of human activity except sheepherders and geologists from 30s were found. So, if you want to be the 1st- you're welcome! Fotoreport is here.

08.08.07 British Universities Kayak Expedition - 2007 (Four Borders Expedition), leaded by Graham Milton (members: Paul Sherman, Benjamin Bedingham, Patrick Clissold, Dave Burne, Lowri Davies, Tom Hunter, Sean Ziehmstephen), Russian side support: K2 Adventures (guide: Igor Fedyaev, offroad driver: Konstantin Naumov AKA "Tank"), successfully started they trip in Russian Altai. They 2 times passed famous Majoy Cascade on Chuya river: 1st time, on July, 07 all the team started from Majoy bridge and proceed up to 1st Chibit Bridge (campsite), with the intermediate stop on Oroy bridge.. No serious problem except Sean's small swimming aside kayak (with a couple of kicks on the stones). 2nd time, on July, 8, all the team except Sean started from Dam Meadow (the very beginning of the cascade), proceed further down to Oroy bridge, where 5 kayakers were picked by the truck and 2 proceeded down to the same campsite.

Now the team is in Mongolia and go back to Russian Altai on July, 25. Plans: Karagem + Argut + Katun up to Inia village, then Middle Bashkaus, Yazula Canyon on Chulyshman and Akkem river.

Photoreport is here. Wait for further news!

10.28.05 Off-season Belukha trek. Two Swiss travelers and one Russian, leaded by Igor Fedyaev (K2 Adventures) finished off-season Belukha trek in late September - October (Sept., 24- October, 3). Seems like it would be good choice for those who a) don't like crowded trails b) don't like the hot (sic! ;-) and c) don't like mosquitos (we don't like all of above ;-). In fact, we didn't meet no other trekkers there! Interesting possibilities for snowboarding were found as well! The report and the photos are coming soon!

10.26.05 International team (Igor Fedyaev - leader, Dmitry Savinov- guide (both- Russia, K2 Adventures), Cathrine Lagerberg (Bergen, Norway), Kjersti Olsen (Stavanger, Norway), Andrea Kruse (Hamburg, Germany) made the unusual recon trip in Siberia, Altai, Katunsky Range, in the very rare visited area between Multa Lakes and Mt. Belukha, July, 24- August, 5. The itinerary: Barnaul - Multa village - Nizne Multinskoe lake - Kuyguk river- Kuyguk lake - W. Akchan pass (1A CD, 2630 m) - Akchan river - right tributary of Akchan - unnamed pass - Kyrgyz Lake - unnamed pass - Kyrgyz river - Kuragan river - N. Ioldo river (upper part) - Kuragan river- Katun river (ferry) - Katanda village - Tungur village - Barnaul. The report and the photos are coming soon!


07.26.05 Two British climbers- Simon Spencer-Jones from Ruisaurie Beauly, Inverness-shire, and Ian Hatcher from Bristol are missed and most probably dead during Bristol University Fedchenko-2005 expedition. They split from the rest of the team and tried to climb Revolution Peak (6974 m) in the upper part of Fedchenko glacier (Central Pamir, Tadjikistan, near Afgan border). It is reported they were last seen on July, 13. The glaciologists also reported (as it was seen from air) there are cut tracks on Revolution peak East ridge from there they probably were thrown down by hurricane wind. Other version is avalanche (the was snow storm in that time).

God save their souls in peace! Amen.

IF (liaison officer of this expedition)

Photos (by IF): Simon; The Team

06.05.05. Gas cartridges in Kyrgyzstan and Tadjikistan- season 2005 update!
1) Camping Gas is unavailable (and it is not so bad news ;-).
2) For the current season it looks like the only gas cartridges available at BCs and travel outfits would be Kovea 230 ml Epigaz-type (with screw connector) for $5-5,5 (much more expensive in Dushanbe and Moskvina Glade BC).
3) The interesting option for trekking would be Korean (same Kovea and few others) long-type 225 g cartridges and appropriate stoves (a bit more heavy than common trekking stove- 350 g with the bag, but still o'k). It is the cheapest option - about $10 for the stove, $1 for the cartridge. Concerning the fuel consumption, it is fine- we 2 spent 7 days, melting snow for 2 days and used only 3 cartridges (and the 3d is not empty!). You can also find the converter from these cartridges to common Epigaz-type stove for about $5.


04.29.05 The trekking and expedition food list is updated- about 30 new items are added!

04.09.05 Are you travelling alone or in couple and looking for unexpensive tour? K2 Adventures introduces Tour To Join option - no minimal group size limit, you can join this trip for regular price as if you're in the group of 6-10 people! For the moment you can join the following trekking and climbing tours:

"Belukha: The Heart of the Altai". Trekking. Region: Russia, Siberia, Altai muntains, Katunsky Range. Simple trekking with one pass crossing. Amazing sightseeing exursions near beautiful Akkem lake (The Valley of 7 Lakes, sacred valley of Yarlu -the Roerikh followers shrine, Akkem glacier with magnificent view to Akkem Wall)! Difficulty: easy/medium. Horse riding trip in this area is also available (8 or 13 days)! Tour to join - August, 15- August, 29, Barnaul-Barnaul.

"Khan Tengri - The Lord of the Sky" (South side). Mountaineering. Central Tien Shan. The red marble pyramid of 7,010 m high is considered as one of the world's beautiful summits. Classic route from south (via Semenova gl.). Difficult mountaineering. Mountaineering experience is required. Tour to join - July, 20 - August, 10 from Bishkek, guided climbing!

Pobeda peak climbing. Mountaineering. Central Tien Shan. 7,438 m high, 4-km long above 7,000 m spur, icefall and other nice things en route. Extremely difficult (could be compared only with climbing North-East ridge of Everest) expedition mountaineering. After it, you can do EVERYTHING whatever you want to climb 'cause nothing impossible is left...
Tour to join: July, 23 - August, 18 2005, from Bishkek. Guided climbing!

Lenin peak climbing. Mountaineering. Zaalaisky Range, 7,134 m high. Route- mostly snow, neve and ice. Excellent choice for those who are newcomers in high-altitude expedition-style mountaineering. Best preparation for Communism (Ismail Somoni), Korjenevskoy, Pobeda and Khan Tengri peaks.Tour to join: July, 1- July, 21, from Tashkent or Bishkek, guided climbing!

Want to know more? Ask us: !

04.15.05 Visa registration in Altai Republic - NEW!

You can now register your visas (process which is commonly known as "OVIR registration") in the following places:

  1. Gorno-Altaisk OVIR (38822)-62012, 62001
  2. Aktash PVS (Pasportno-Visovaya Sluzhba, Passport and Visa Service), ul. Mira 1a (near post office), (38836)-23-3-81
  3. Kosh-Agach PVS, ul. Kooperativnaya 34 (opposite to Prosecutor's Office), (38842)-22-4-33

The last 2 is especially suitable if you cross the Mongolian border in Tashanta.

You need:

  1. Original of the passport with the valid visa
  2. An request letter from the invitating company (travel agency)
  3. Migration card (issued on border checkpoint)
  4. Fill in the form
  5. Pay 20 roubles fee (in Sberbank only, there are branches of this bank in all places!)

Note: you need to register your visa in 3 working days upon your arrival.


01.12.05 New unusual trekking tour offered by K2 Adventures: "To the Icy Giants of Central Tien Shan." See the above 7,000 m giants - Khan Tengri and Pobeda peaks and misterious natural phenomena- "disappiaring" Mertzbakher lake! Medium/difficult trekking off the beaten trails, 15 days. See photoreport here.

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