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Belukha area from the South

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Altai. Katun river.
Altai. Belukha peaks from S.
View to the upper course of Katun river.
Belukha peaks from S. (left - E. Belukha, right - W. Belukha). The 2 sources of Gebler gl. are seen.
Altai. Belukha massif from S.
Altai. On the Belukha col.
Belukha massif from S. The conjunctions of 2 parts of Gebler gl. is seen.
On the col between W. and E. Belukhas.
Altai. Trudniy pass.
Altai. Kokkolsky pass.
Ascend to Trudniy ("Difficult") pass (2B).
Descend from Kokkolskiy pass (1B).
Altai. Kucheriaviy pass.
Altai. Belukha massif from far south.
On the Kucheriaviy pass (1B+).
Belukha massif from far South.
Altai. Upper part of Berel river.
Altai. The lake of the dreams.
Upper part of Berel' river. The lake of the dreams...