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Nothern Chuiskiy and Southern Chuiskiy Ranges.

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Altai. Kamru lake.
Altai. Kamru lake.
Kamru lake.
Altai. Sapozhnikov gl.
Altai. N. Chuysky Range.
Sapozhnikov Gl. from Turistov ["Travellers"] pass.
The spurs of N. Chuysky Range.
Altai. N. Chuysky Range. Krasavitsa peak.
Altai. Chuya valley in winter.
South spurs of N. Chuysky Range. Krasavitsa ("The Beauty") pass and peak.
The Chuya valley in winter.
Altai. Zelinsky pass.
Altai. Zelinsky icefall.
Ascend to Zelinskiy pass.
Zelinskiy Gl. icefall.
Altai. Koni-Airy river. Waterfall.
Altai. Koni-Airy river. Waterfall.
Koni-Airy river. Waterfall..
Close to the waterfall.
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