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Around Belukha. Shavla lakes.

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Altai. Aya lake.
Altai. Down Shavlinsky lakes.
Aya lake.
Nizne-Shavlinskiye ["Down Shavlinsky"] lakes.
Altai. Upper Shavlinsky lake.
Altai. Skazka peak.
Verkhne-Shavlinskoye ["Upper Shavlinsky"] lake, Skazka ("The Tail"), Mechta ("The Dream") and Krasavitsa ("The Beauty") peaks.
Skazka ("The Tail") peak.
Altai. Mensu icefall.
Altai. Froggy pass.
Mensu icefall.
Tumanniy ("Froggy") pass (2A)
Altai. Edigem river.
Altai. Froggy pass.
Edigem river. View to Sapozhnikov pass.
Tumanniy pass as seen from Zelinskiy pass.