Central Pamir.

Moskvina Glade (Poliana Moskvina) base camp.

     Moskvina Glade (Poliana Moskvina) is Base Camp (BC) site for mountaineers who are attempting to climb the highest summit of forner USSR - Communism Peak (now renaimed with Ismail Somoni Peak after the foundator of ancient Tadjik state), 7495 m high, Peak Korjenevskoy, 7105 m, and from season-2010 - for Lenin Peak South (7134 m). It is situated in Academii Nauk (Academy of Sciencies) Range, Central Pamir. There are some another peaks of above 6,000 m (Peak Moskva among them) at the area which could be interesting for mountaineers. Most of the routes are combined (snow+ice+neve+rocks) and does involve full set of mountaineering equipments. The area is not much suitable for trekking due to it is far remote place without simple passes (there are only pass-hopping routes of above 2 CC possible at the area). In fact, now there is only one safe way to reach the site: by air. During mountaineering season (July-August), there are few flights scheduled from Dushanbe (the capital of Tadjikistan) and Karamik helipad on Kyrgyz-Tadjik border (the latter is much shorter as from Dushanbe despite the fact it is made by the same chopper in the same "circle flight" from Dushanbe). For more information, take a look at corresponding pages:

Photos by Georgy Regetsiy, comments by Igor Fedyaev, K2 Adventures travel agency.

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Pamir foothill. Aerial view.
Pamir foothill. Aerial view.
Aerial views to the Pamir foothills on the way to Moskvina BC.
Pamir. Moskvina BC. Helicopter. Communism peak.
Helicopter is landing on Moskvina Glade. Communism Peak (7495 m) on the background.
There are some lakes on the Moskvina Glade which provide good opportunities for photographers...
Pamir. Peak Chetirekh.
Pamir. Communism (Ismail Somoni) peak.
Peak Chetirekh (Peak of The 4th) is usual goal for acclimatization ascent.
Moskvina Glade BC and Communism Peak as seen from the slopes of Peak Korjenevskoy.
Pamir. Moskvina field. Memorial.
Pamir. Moskvina field. Memorial table.
There is memorial place on Moskvina Glade dedicated to mountaineers who lost their lifes on surrounded summits...
Two of them are from the city of Omsk- Chaplishkin Andrey and Nikiforov Sergey...

Pamir fotogallery
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