Lenin peak climbing

Mountaineering expedition on Lenin peak
(7134 m, Zaalaisky range, Pamir), from North side

Photos: courtesy of Georgy Regetsiy (expedition leader and climbing guide) and Valery Murzakov.
Comments: Igor Fedyaev.
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The way to Lenin peak BC begins from the Kirgiz city of Osh, situated on the south-east edge of Fergana Valley. Osh is reacheable both by car from Bishkek or by plane (about 1 hrs flight) from Bishkek or Tashkent. There are two places which are worth to visit in Osh - local market (considered as one of the best markets in Central Asia), and Sulaimoni Mount- the hill at the centre of the city (see photo).

Osh. Sulaimon Hill.

A large part of the way from Osh to Lenin peak BC lays in the Alai Valley at about 2,500-3,000  m elevation. There are only few groups of yurts (local nomadic dwelling), around which local herdsmen are grazing cattles at summer on jailiau (summer pastures). Visit to these settlements gives very interesting cultural experience.

Alaiski valley. Yurts.

Inside the yurt. Tea in Oriental way- being sitting on the knees.

Alai valley. Inside the yurt.

Lenin peak BC is situated on the so-called Lukovaya Poliana (Onion Glade) and includes a number of comfortable tents for two with electricity, toilet and washing facility, medical care station, sauna, dining tent. It also has a camping place,...

Lenin peak BC. Onion field.

... where you can pick your own tent.

Lenin peak BC. Onion field.

The tents in BC are double-covered and comfortable enough to meet your needs for pre-and after-climbing rest.

Lenin peak BC. Onion field.

You can meet people all around the world in BC- so to visit it is good deal itself!

Lenin peak BC. Onion field.

To reach the ABC one must go south to cross the so-called Puteshestvennikov (Travellers') Pass. There is picturesque waterfall on the way there.

Lenin peak. Waterfall near Travellers pass.

The path to Puteshestvennikov Pass lays on the alpine meadows.. The pass itself is clearly seen ahead.

Lenin peak. Travellers pass.

The view from the pass back to the Alai Valley and BC site.

Alai valley and Lenin peak BC from Travellers pass.
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