Peak Korjenevskoy.
Route description and climbing map.

Peak Korjenevskoy. Climbing route.

Climb to ABC (5100 m.)

Cross the Moskvina Glacier and ascend along the good trail to ABC (5100 m) (6-8 hrs) from where you head to Camp 1 (5300 m). We usually use 2 ropes for climbing between 4800 m and 5100 m.

Camp-5100 - Camp -5300

The route goes along relatively steep glacier, which comes down from the south slope of the mountain. Camp-5300 is situated on the moraine. From Camp-5300, if visibility is good, one can see the entire path up to the summit. From 5100 m to 5300 m there are 2 ropes.

Climb to Camp 2 (5800 m)

Steep ice. Some ropes. The camp is situated on narrow shelf in front of rock wall.

Climb to Camp 3 (6000-6300 m)

Steep ice is continued. From 5800 m to 6100 m we use usually 4 ropes.

Ascent to the summit 7105 m and descent to Camp 3 or Camp 2.

The route follows on the snow crest towards the top. Enjoy astonishing view of thousand summits with most magnificent and impressive one - neighbour Communism (Somoni) Peak…

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