Central Pamir

Communism (Somoni) Peak (7495 m) climbing.
Route: Moskvina Glade - Borodkin Spur - Pamir Neve Plateau (PFP) - Dushanbe Peak.
Leader - Georgy Regetsiy, Russia, Omsk, 1992-1993.

Communism Peak (renamed to "Ismoili Somoni") - the highest mountain of Tajikistan and former USSR - is located in Akademii Nauk (Academy of Sciences) Range. Discovered by Tadjik Complex Expedition (leader - N.P. Gorbunov) in 1932. First ascent (East Ridge) - Sept. 3, 1933, Eugeny Abalakov and Nikolay Gorbunov.

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Pamir. Communism Peak.
Pamir. Communism Peak.
Communism peak seen from the helicopter far away.
Communism peak seen from the helicopter near landing on Moskvin's Glade.
Pamir. Communism Peak. Burevestnik Spur.
Pamir. Moskvin's Field.
Burevestnik Spur - less popular route to PFP - seen from helicopter.
Helicopter after landing on Moskvin's Glade - the BC site. The usual flight's start point for nowadays is the Osh town due to unstable situation in modern Tajikistan.
Pamir. Communism Peak. Paraglyding.
Pamir. Communism Peak. Paraglyding.
Paraglyding becomes popular even on the highest summits of Pamir..
Pamir. Communism Peak. Route to Borodkin Spur.
Pamir. Communism Peak. Ascend to Borodkin Spur.
On the route to Borodkin Spur.
Ascend on the Borodkin Spur.
Pamir. Communism Peak. Climbing the rocks on the Borodkin Spur.
Pamir. Communism Peak. Camp-5300.
Climbing the rock wall on the Borodkin Spur.
Camp -5300 on the Borodkin Spur.

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