Lenin peak climbing

Mountaineering expedition on Lenin peak
(7134 m, Zaalaisky range, Pamir), from North side

Photos: courtesy of Georgy Regetsiy (expedition leader and climbing guide) and Valery Murzakov.
Comments: Igor Fedyaev.
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It is done!!! The summit is reached and it is time for taking the V-foto!...
Lenin peak climbing. The summit.
...and say "Hello!" to all friends from the top of the world!
Lenin peak climbing. The summit.
Only those climbers who've reached the summit can observe the great views which becoming opened from the top along the Zaalaisky range to the East...
Lenin peak climbing. The summit. View to east.
...and toPamir side.
Lenin peak climbing. The summit. View to Pamir.
Now we have to go back. Nice to see edelweisses- mthe symbol of the mountains...
There are a lot of good places to have a rest along Bishkek-Osh road and Naryn river...
Bishkek-Osh road. Naryn river.
...where you can even wash out the long-way dust...
Bishkek-Osh road. Naryn river.
Panoramic view of Lenin peak massif taken from the Travellers' Pass.
Lenin peac. Panoramic view.
Some more panoramic views coming soon!
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