Lenin peak climbing

Mountaineering expedition on Lenin peak
(7134 m, Zaalaisky range, Pamir), from North side

Photos: courtesy of Georgy Regetsiy (expedition leader and climbing guide) and Valery Murzakov.
Comments: Igor Fedyaev.
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After you reach the "Skovorodka", the Camp 5300 site is becoming clearly seen on the down part of rocky spur.
Lenin peak climbing. View to camp 5300.
Camp 5300 site - no summer at all, continuous winter, but sometimes very sunny... Lot of space to pick the tent, BTW.
Lenin peak climbing. Camp 5300.
After leaving the Camp 5300, you go straight up to the crest which leads to the Razdelnaya ("Separating") peak. Camp 5300 is seen at the very bottom.
Lenin peak climbing. View to camp 5300.
Then, you have to proceed up to the Razdelnaya summit. The altitude here is about 5,700 m.
Lenin peak climbing. Razdelnaya peak..
When the good weather, the trail on the snow is clearly seen and climbers make sorta "snow caravan".
Lenin peak climbing. Razdelniy peak..
Here you have a choice: stay a bit lower from the top, but can make a snow wall to protect the tent from the wind...
Lenin peak climbing. Camp on Razdelniy peak..
...or go further and stay closer to the summit on the Razdelniy Col, but no chance to hide from the wind...
Lenin peak climbing. Razdelniy col camp.
Next place for assault camp is at the 6,500 m elevation. The same camp site can be used on the way back (in the case of lack of time to descend to Razdelnaya camp).
Lenin peak climbing. Assault camp.
View from the assault camp-6500 to the ascent way.
Lenin peak climbing. Ascent path to camp-6500.
The snow pre-summit Glades seem endless...
Lenin peak climbing. Snow fields near summit..
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