Lenin peak climbing

Mountaineering expedition on Lenin peak
(7134 m, Zaalaisky range, Pamir), from North side

Photos: courtesy of Georgy Regetsiy (expedition leader and climbing guide) and Valery Murzakov.
Comments: Igor Fedyaev.
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There is nice view of Lenin peak from the alpine meadow on the Travellers' pass.
Lenin peak from Travellers pass.
After descent from Travellers' pass, before walking on Lenin glacier, one have to cross a few small streams.
Rivercrossinfg before go to Lenin glacier.
The Lenin peak advanced base camp (ABC) site stays on the side moraine of Lenin glacier at 4,200 m elevation.
Lenin peak ABC.
To carry the large amount of gear to ABC, you can hire yaks.
Lenin peak ABC. Yaks.
The weather at ABC site is unstable: you can go to bed in summer...
Lenin peak ABC.
...and wake up in winter!
Lenin peak ABC.
The other type of vehicle which is represented in ABC is common horse - but the background seems to be uncommon...
Lenin peak ABC.
Great feature of the Hotel Lenin Peak ABC ***** is fantastic views from your window!
Lenin peak from ABC.
Real mountaineering starts immediately after you leaving ABC. Before you reach the Camp 5300 site, you ascend the snow slope to the so-called "Skovorodka" ("Frying-pan")- the mould called so for the concentration of solar irradiation. Be careful for the eyes!
Lenin peak climbing. Way to camp 5300.
There are few ice crevasses on the way to Camp 5300.
Lenin peak climbing. Way to camp 5300. Crevasses.
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